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This is an adventure for the ENDEAVOUR roleplaying game. ENDEAVOUR is a playset for the PARAGON system. You will need a copy of both ENDEAVOUR and the AGON rulebook to play this adventure. Refer to agon-rpg.com for more information.


Paradoxically, the oldest vessels that a spacefaring civilization sends into the void tend to be those that remain closest to their planets of origin.  Indeed, despite having begun its journey nearly four hundred years ago, Voyager 1 - humanity's first interstellar probe - has only reached as far as the icy Oort cloud that orbits Sol.

In this adventure for the ENDEAVOUR roleplaying game, Terran astronomers have identified debris that threaten the ancient probe.  You will travel to the Oort cloud to locate and recover Voyager 1 to ensure that it can be preserved in perpetuity. Accompanying you will be Excellency Tamimi - the Terran Coordinator for Culture - who will be documenting your recovery efforts.


Included are two versions of COGITO:

  • A full-color version that is intended for use on screens. 
  • A "half-color" version that can be printed and assembled into an eight-page booklet.

Both versions feature a full-color cover and a three-page (A5 size) description of the adventure. 


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